Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm back..=D sometime to switch on my computer...lalalalal...nothing much to post about..had no special event.. My birthday pasted but I'm freaking lazy to upload photos...cos the connection was really slowwww...kns...repeat the same things Okay doesn't matter cos I really love my working life style...muah muah

Here are some interesting photos to share =D
Can you see a flying bird..-.- Guess who is this...!!!!!!! the most crazy one...=P he loves taking risk anyway...i love these photos...=P
Bubye nie...gambateh for your race...he signed up a downhill race at JB few weeks he gotta go later at 5 a.m with his friend...=D

This is the track for the race...

Riders Race Plate No's was still empty few weeks ago...gonna get 123 next time =X
-61-Bryan Chock
-44- Imran

Alright....OFF to bed now....gonna wake up early tml... =P

Ps : CNY is getting closer...5 days holiday...chu 1- chu 5 ...wuhuuuu
Ps : yay...get my salary next fri...
Ps : Good luck hunnie....take care...Must Win...miss ya...=D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


risty Lee Xi Teng is Officially 18 now =D

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I had a unlucky day..=X I wont do it again..

I got my uniform yesterday..Oh yea..!!!! forgot to tell you peeps..I got a new job...At "London Weight Management" a slimming consultant.. Anyone who're interested in this job can inform me..=D Yesterday headed to Mid Valley..the purpose I went there is to get my offer letter/ uniform at London HQ..the officer told me the entrance is just next to Captreen and evelyn + she said once I entered to the lift then press PH then we will see their office mother and I took half hour to look for it..WTF!!! cos there have another lift next to the entrance..Swt..!!!.so..I terus masuk to the 1st lift..I didn't even see any PH..cos I entered the wrong one..memang bodoh..there have only 5 I pressed the highest 1..but when I stepped out..there was nothing plus it was dark I back to G floor..freaking noob !!!!!! I didn't even notice there's another entrance next to the lift..smarty pant me...pick up my phone to call officer..muahahaha..-.-..and she showed me the lame I am..I made a Mega huge mistake..!!!okay back to topic..the office is at Menara IGB lever 22 the highest floor of the tower..a penthouse with a awesome design..just like what we see in the drama...I'll do training there sometimes..took almost 1 and a half hours sign and get my offer letter..okay..The uniform is full black..My mom bought me a black low heels sandal at vincci..I love the heels anyway..thanks mom & dad.. they always get me new shoes when I get my job..last time when I was nichii's staff..daddy bought me a black flat shoes..lalalalal..I'm really lucky to have such a good parents..Alright..another case..the most lame one..while mommy driving for parking I ate chewing gum..After..she got a parking..I threw it out next to her car..!!!!!!!!..Before I get back into the car after shopping..I stepped on it.."the CHEWING GUM"..and it stick on my can this happened to me..I know I have kinda bad habit..mommy and sis was laughing at me and said "Dai Sei" can I put such a shame on myself...I would never ever do it again-.- I SWEAR TO THE GOD...=X

Tonight gonna attend to my cousin birthday
Tropicana..hopefully not gonna happen anything badly on me again..hehe...
Happy Birthday To Rachel Wong
Alright...I gtg to have my breakfast now.. stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I'm freaking bored now....!!!!!!!!! I called for 123456789 shop/office for interview.. hopefully will get their call soon... =D Actually I prefer to work as a was soooooo fun can???? lalalalalal.....most of my friend started working Now...I got 2 calls from different shop yesterday...selling cloths...arhhh...but I don't really like it.. there're another 4 jobs I really wanted/interested to do it.. but they will call me in these 2 days.... High salary plus 5 working days...GREAT!!!!!!!!! Alright....since I've nothing to im gonna watch New Moon once again with my

Ps: STOP raining Please..!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna go night market with nie.. quite a long time never go..
Ps: Sushi sushi...I want to eat sushi...nom nom nom !!!!!!!! =P

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A simple post =D

Weeeee!!! feel weird why I'm here??? refer to my previous PS: "off on SAT"...wuhuu..i slept till 9 30++ started to watched drama at 11 till now..had mcd for lunch..Yesterday-bought a new dress with 20% discount.. for staff only kay??muahahah...its apple green..freaking many customers cause of new year..people jammed..actually..have 6 session in the shop..I was duty at session happy..most of the nice cloth are in this session...neninenibubu.. but only stayed for 3 hours there 10-1pm..then I changed to session F till 7pm..this session is more auntie cloths and accessory..but not bad cos it was quite near to shoes always glance at those many nice shoes..I'm gonna get 1 black shoe for my self soon...BLEKKK..Pity the staff who was duty in fitting room..usually 1 person is enough..but 3 staffs..haha..Alright~~~~ lunch time..I ate Meatball Marinara Sandwich at Subway..yummy~YUMMY..My most expensive cost rm 13 okay + coke....Nevermind...New Year what!!! should spend more on meal.. Then, night after work..had dinner at KL...porridge 1st geli when you saw something like glue plus yellow in color then campur All the Sayur looked like MUD...hate YELLOW...but the taste was sweet...I ate A little cause I wasn't in a good mood..reach home at 12 40++..Cause manager "Casmine" wanted to fetch wen, nick home 1st then only me..both of them was my schoolmates...after I finished bath + counting my salary it was 2..then off to bed..TIRED okay??stand for the whole bloody day..muahahaha... gtg Now..bubye...
~Stay Tuned~

Ps: gonna out to dinner with hunnie..weeeee!!!!!
Ps: YAY!!!!!!! Off on next Sun!!!!!! =D
Ps: My birthday is coming soon....Wuhuuuuu~~~~

Thursday, December 31, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010..wuhuuu

I'm quite busy on working now days...these 2 days I worked from 10 to 10pm.. after nie or mom fetch me home it was already 10:40pm+++...NO more facebook...I don't even have the time to switch on my computer...kinda sad XD doesn't matter...working at there is lot of fun kay?? my leg was so painful on the 1st and 2nd day... feel better now..weeeeee!!!! 2 staffs gonna leave next monday... omfg..less 2 staff but more new stock is coming next week... Phew Phew Phew....alright back to my is 31st of dec which means its last day of 2009....bubye....everyone going to countdown tonight...but unlucky me gonna work till 10 pm....afternoon swift 1-10pm... Grhhhhh!!!!!! Nie gonna attend to her friend 19th birthday party at time square...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU =D lalalalalal... okay...Im gonna stop Now...wanna prepare to work....Bubye buddies...

HAPPY NEW YEAR-----2010-----

ps:: on saturday...Weeeee... ^^V

Friday, December 25, 2009

HOHOHO!!!!!!-Merry Christmas-

Wooooooot!!!! had a very fun X'mas party and also my Lil brother 'Tim' 10th birthday yesterday...All my cousin came back..we invited SUM of my parents' friends plus hunnie's family... Its a mega long post okay...!!!! hehe... Mom cooked for the whole bloody day..pity Mom..luv you..muaxxx...she cooked spaghetti for breakfast.. then night was western food...My dad cooked after he finish playing golf with his friends...

spaghetti- this is mine..quite alot i took...omfg
beef+mushroom+hot dog

Khang- nom Nom NOM!!!!!

Dad cooked--- delicious~~~~

Nie's family

My 2nd living room up stair always like a CC..lolxx
Kid heaven...

Around 10++++ its blow candle time...lalalalalalal my uncle brought 1 box of party pack for us...Great !!!!!!!!!

I love this tiny glass...muaxxx
really nice after turn on the light

Muahahaha crazy me !!!!!!!! put it in my cloth..=P

Happy birthday TO you!!!!

Make a wish...!!!!!

Huge lolipop that we bought at Mid valley last 2 week

My Christmas present from hunnie...swt
Add a photo and be SUMbody...?????!!!! lol

Merry X'mas PART 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~25/12/2009~

While I was uploading the photos of yesterday...I go to playground play Helicopter that we bought for my brother... reallllllly bad luck larhhhhh....when we know how to play it...then started raining...SWT SWT SWT....Xixi, Kiko and Tim cycled back home...left Winping, Kevin and I stayed at the pondok...waiting the rain stop...smarty pant sis drove her car over to fetched us back...muack muack!!!!!!

SEEEEEEE.......I can play very well before raining

OMG...the sky was so dark...!!!!

soooooo wet and cold....

After came home..take sum photos with my cousin xixi..=P

Alright...I should stop here...nenineni bubu..i know I started to update at 3...but now is already 9 it took a long time to upload all of these go to bath now...I'm reaalllly dirty now...muahahahhahaa....gonna start working on Mon sob sob.... no more holiday....
Stay tune~

ps: Merry christmas to all my buddies and happy new year "2010" wuhuuuuuu....